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Tree Protection

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A necessity when any type of construction will occur near a tree. We are here to help keep your trees out of harms way BEFORE it is too late!

MTE provides Tree protection services to our commercial, residential and government clients. Tree Protection can be imperative and required in many ways. Generally, the purpose of Tree Protection is to preserve the Critical Root Zone of the tree that could be prone to construction damage, soil compaction, or a Tree Protection Plan mandated by the government or owner. Most jurisdictions require that a Certified Arborist create/amend a Tree Protection Plan.

Root Pruning: Root Pruning is a service that goes hand in hand with tree preservation. If a portion of a Trees’ Critical Root Zone is going to be excavated, compacted or otherwise jeopardized, Root Pruning is usually recommended. This process cleanly severs the tree roots that are to remain, by allowing them to regenerate and continue to grow. Root Pruning is usually a critical element in most Tree Preservation Plans. MTE has several different root pruners of different configurations to serve all our clients’ needs.

Tree protection fencing is also a necessary pre-construction measure to protect trees. Machinery operating too close to trees and roots damage from excavation can usually dramatically deteriorate the health of a living tree quickly. Tree Protection Fencing is a deterrent to keep people and equipment out of the tree protection zone.

Call Mulheron Tree Experts so we can take a look BEFORE any construction occurs to assess and securely protect your trees today!

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