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Stump Grinding &
Stump Removal

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Grinding or removing a stump can be a very difficult and time-consuming task without the proper equipment.

Removal with specialized equipment that grinds the stump and root portion of the tree that remains after the main trunk, limbs and foliage of the tree have been removed. MTE has several different stump grinders of different sizes to serve all our clients’ needs.

We utilize 5 different stump grinders. From large diesel powered tow behind grinders to handheld machines that we can carry through your home to the backyard when access is limited.

Different Methods Include:

  • Grinding stump to 6” below surface, then backfilling the hole with grindings to level grade and removing excess grindings.

  • Deep stump grinding services are available in cases where plantings or construction activity such as hardscapes are going to occur.

  • We can also remove grindings, fill hole with topsoil, and top the soil with seed and straw.

Mulheron Tree Experts is here to take care of your stump grinding or removal with our professional equipment and highly trained operators. Ask about our stump grinding services today!

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